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For Love of the Story

Is there anything better than a good story? 

Some of my first childhood memories are of listening to my dad tell stories he made up on the fly. It's amazing how clearly I can still remember many of them.


My favorite was the one Dad told me about how he and I canoed down an unchartered river, were pulled over a waterfall, got chased by a grizzly bear, developed a secret birdcall to communicate with each other in the forest, and then somehow found our way home again where Mom was waiting with a plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies. I learned the beginning, middle, and end of storytelling all while sitting captivated on my dad's knee.

Some stories are best served written in a novel, while others come alive on the screen. But no matter the medium, serving the story and making it a good one, is one of the greatest vocations and joys in the world.  

Elizabeth is represented by Pamela Harty of The Knight Agency

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